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HTPA Scholarship Application Deadline

April 1, 2016


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Welcome to the Houston Transportation Professionals Association (HTPA). We believe you will find our site easy to navigate, and that the information you seek will be readily available.

M i s s i o n

The purpose of HTPA is to position the Association and its membership to be an integral part of the transportation industry by presenting timely and quantitative issue-oriented presentations to members, maintaining fiscal stability and supporting individuals interested in the transportation industry through the HTPA scholarship program.

H T P A  B u s i n e s s

The Board of Directors meets several times a year to examine the financial state of the Association, review committee reports, formulate new membership strategies, and to propose various future actions. Our financial state is strong, and the Association continues to attract new members every year.

Event Registration/Payment

To register and pay for attendance at any HTPA event, click on the desired event button in the right sidebar and follow the links. Registration for attendance at HTPA business luncheons is accomplished by paying in advance online.  The pre-pay cost of admission is $40.00; the cost for walk-ins is $50.00.

M e m b e r s h i p

Memberships are valid for the calendar year. Members renew their memberships each year in December. To join or renew, complete and submit the online application, and follow the link on the confirmation page to pay the required annual dues.

S c h o l a r s h i p s

The HTPA Scholarship Program funds limited college assistance for qualified member-sponsored high school seniors and college students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree program. Since 2005, HTPA has funded 191 scholarship awards to qualified student applicants.

J o i n  H T P A  T o d a y

Thank you for visiting the Houston Transportation Professionals Association. HTPA Committee Members, Officers and Board Members are actively engaged in building an environment in which members can learn about the significant events and forces that influence the transportation logistics industry. As a member, you can have a voice in helping to shape that environment.

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Dennis Bone


William Dorgeloh
HTPA President, 1988